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Gillie and Marc

She had him wrapped around her finger (Ring)

She had him wrapped around her finger (Ring)

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Size: Medium to Large
Inside diameter
0.71 inch size 8
18.1 mm size P

Sterling silver ring

Contemporary Jewellery, Romanticism, Animals

It was an Asia-on-a-shoestring dream that brought Gillie to Hong Kong. Marc was managing an ad campaign for the Regent Hotel and Gillie was the star model for the photo shoot. Within hours of getting to know each other they found a deep emotional connection that enticed their elopement. The artists were married a week later in a quiet but colourful ceremony in a Hindu Temple in Pokhara, the Nepalese city 200 kilometres west of Kathmandu. Now, 25 years on, the two have been inseparable. Dogman will do anything in the world to make Rabbitgirl happy, but all she has ever asked of him, is to simply stay by her side.

Artwork Features
Imagine if we could wear our art so close to our souls that we end up embodying its beauty and meaning. Gillie and Marc have always appreciated creative pieces of jewellery, so it was only a matter of time before they decided to think outside the jewellery box and take jewellery to a whole new level by turning it into art wear.

Gillie and Marc’s gorgeous range of art wear is handcrafted from the highest quality of hypoallergenic materials. And as a beautiful bonus, a percentage of profits goes to various notable charities to protect animals in need. So embody your art, and buy jewellery that can change the world forever.

Gillie and Marc’s sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver + 7.5% alloys (a mixture of metals: brass, copper and zinc). It is nickel free.

Care Instructions
Clean your silver jewellery with a mild soap and water and then dry with a soft cloth. For more stubborn dirt, use a cleaner designed for silver use. Store your silver in a cool, dry place. Do not rub silver with anything other than a polishing cloth. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches.

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